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What Is Book Marketing?

Book marketing is essential to Brooklyn Book Writers' total writing service. It includes a wide range of strategic efforts aimed at promoting, advertising, and increasing your book's visibility. In short, it is about connecting your literary work to its intended audience, broadening its reach, and realizing its full potential. Our book marketing services are specifically designed to satisfy the individual requirements of aspiring and experienced writers. We use a comprehensive strategy combining the internet and conventional marketing to ensure your book is seen. We can help you with anything from offering ebook website marketing services and boosting your social media presence to coordinating book releases and collecting reviews. We help writers reach their publication goals by handling the problematic world of book marketing with our knowledge, devotion, and commitment to affordability.

Our Impactful Book Marketing Services

At Brooklyn Book Writers, we offer digital marketing services to market books and assist writers in making their publications more successful and influential. Use our marketing strategies to increase your internet presence, engage with your target audience, and build excitement. Our team will collaborate with you to understand your goals and develop a marketing strategy that is tailored to your budget and time frame. We have the skills and resources to help you succeed with everything from social media campaigns to book launch events.

Expertise in Additional Services

  • E-book Social Media Marketing
  • E-book SEO
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Wikipedia

Got an Idea for a Plot?

If you're a self-published author, let us help you reach your audience with our expert book marketing services.

Brooklyn Book Writers delivers book marketing services for self-published authors, including E-book Social Media Marketing and SEO. We use the vast reach of social media platforms to generate talk about your e-book, engage your target audience, and increase its visibility. Our SEO strategies are mainly designed to boost your e-book's search engine rating, ensuring it appears higher in relevant search results and attracts more prospective readers. Our adaptability to the digital world showcases our commitment to your e-book's success, allowing it to stand out in a competitive market.

Also, we use innovative techniques such as Google Knowledge Graph integration and Wikipedia page generation to build the authority and credibility of your e-book in the online literary world. We recognize the value of being discoverable and authoritative, and our team has the skills to make it happen. Our services help literary works reach their full potential in the digital age, utilizing social media, SEO, and authoritative sites like Google Knowledge Graph and Wikipedia.

  • Autobiography Writing
  • Non-Fiction Writing
  • Editing Services
  • Book Cover Designing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Business Book Writing
  • Proofreading Services
  • Book Layout Designing

Here’s How Brooklyn Book Writers Craft Magic for Your Books

Brooklyn Book Writers are a team of competent writers committed to creating unique and informative books for you and your readers. From designing attention-grabbing book covers to writing fascinating tales, we can ensure quality throughout. Let’s take a look at how our ghostwriters work!

You Onboard Our Ghostwriting Team


Your journey toward publishing the perfect book starts with onboarding Brooklyn Book Writers for the best ghostwriting services. You can do that by contacting us through our website, and our team will promptly respond to your queries. Once you share all the essential information about what you are looking to publish, we will assess it and provide an initial outline. If you are satisfied, you can onboard us, and we can begin working on your book.

Share Book Details


After assessing our first outline and brief, the next step is to provide all other necessary details about your book. It includes the genre, tone, length of the book, and when you expect to publish it. Also, you should provide details about the storyline, plot, and characters. Also, you can review our initial outline and provide your feedback.

First Draft


Your appointed writer will create an initial draft of the first chapter for you. You can review it and then share your feedback with the ghostwriter. If changes are needed, the writer will revise the content according to your preference and share the draft with you again.

Feedback from You


The Brooklyn Book Writers team values our clients’ satisfaction. That’s why we welcome feedback throughout the writing procedure. So, if there are more suggestions, you can share them with us so we can implement them accordingly.

Editing and Proofreading


The next stage is editing and proofreading. After implementing all your suggestions, our expert editors will review the draft and will thoroughly review it. The editor will ensure that the book’s content is error-free and expresses the ideas coherently. Also, this stage will ensure that the book has no plagiarism.

Final Draft


The final draft will be ready once the ghostwriter has implemented all your suggestions and proofreading. Brooklyn Book Writers Team ensures we deliver the final draft within the deadline while maintaining a high quality. Our quality assurance manager verifies everything before you get the final draft, so you get quality work.

Reach Your Target Audience With Our Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

Connect with readers, achieve book goals with our targeted marketing expertise, and boost book visibility.

Brooklyn Book Writers and Our Genres

Children's Book:

Our ghostwriters are experts in creating enchanting children's books, memorable characters, and engaging stories that amuse and educate young readers, turning imagination to life.

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Fiction Book:

Our fiction ghostwriters bring unique stories to life by creating sophisticated storylines, vibrant characters, and intriguing narratives that captivate readers.

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Non-Fiction Book:

Our nonfiction ghostwriters are adept at converting complicated subjects into understandable language while retaining your distinctive style and experience. We turn information into accessible books.

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Women's Fiction:

In creating sympathetic characters and expressing complex emotions, our authors thrive. We write stories that relate to readers' experiences and emotions, building a strong bond.

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Sci-Fi Novels:

Our sci-fi ghostwriters take readers to new worlds with futuristic settings, inventive technologies, and fascinating stories that capture the imagination. We create unforgettable stories.

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Self-Help Book:

Our self-help ghostwriters convert knowledge into practical guidance, taking readers on personal growth and transformation journeys. We assist writers in empowering others to reach their full potential.

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Business Book:

Our business ghostwriters communicate organizational ideas, plans, and leadership philosophies clearly and professionally. We turn your knowledge into accessible publications that teach and inspire.

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Memoir & Autobiography:

Our ghostwriters work closely with authors to capture life stories, maintaining distinctive voices and personal experiences. We make sure that your book or autobiography accurately represents your journey.

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Our Process

Project Brief & Outline

We are a team of highly proficient writers who strive for quality. When you provide us with the basic details about your book, we carry out in-depth research and choose the right strategies for writing and compiling the book. Once that is done, we create an initial project brief and outline, keeping in view all your requirements. Then, our team shares them with you so that you get an idea of how we work before onboarding.

Initial Draft: A Prototype

Once you give us the go-ahead and onboard our team of ghostwriters, we begin the process of writing the initial draft. We employ all your suggestions and keep you in the loop throughout the process to ensure the final draft meets your requirements. It also allows you to give your feedback wherever you deem appropriate.

Proofreading and Editing Process

We have a commendable proofreading and editing process to ensure you get the perfect end result. Once the ghostwriter finalizes the draft, an editor and a quality assurance manager review it to certify that your requirements are met.

Designing and Formatting

Our ghostwriting services also involve the proper designing and formatting of the book. We ensure that your book is completely aligned with the requirements of the publishing platform so you can easily publish it.

Ready-to-be-Published Manuscript

The final draft is ready after the back-and-forth feedback rounds and multiple editing and proofreading stages. We ensure that all your requirements are met, and the manuscript is in the ready-to-be-published form, so do not face any difficulty publishing it. Besides, you may ask for further changes if needed, even after getting the final draft.

Achieve Your Writing Goals with Brooklyn Book Writers

Begin Your Writing Journey with Us and Take a Step Towards Publishing Your Book

What is Book Marketing & How We Work ?

Book marketing is strategically promoting and advertising a book to connect with its target audience, broaden its reach, and optimize its chances of success. At Brooklyn Book Writers, we recognize that effective book marketing is critical to assisting writers in achieving their publication objectives. Our book marketing journey starts with thoroughly examining your book and target demographic. We dive deeply into your book's unique characteristics, genre, and the demographics of your prospective readers. This study serves as the foundation for a customized marketing strategy. We create a tailored marketing approach based on our study and your unique goals. This approach explains the measures to increase your book's exposure, engagement, and sales. It involves merging digital and conventional marketing approaches to provide a comprehensive strategy. Our team specializes in using the strength of the digital landscape. We develop attractive author websites to interact with your readers online, improve your social media presence, and use email marketing campaigns. We also provide digital marketing techniques for e-books.

We understand the long-term benefits of conventional marketing channels. We can assist you with organizing book launch events, obtaining book reviews, and ensuring your book receives offline attention. We recognize the significance of affordability. Our self-published book marketing service are tailored to your budget and timetable while upholding high-quality standards. We collaborate to optimize your book's marketing potential while staying within your budget. We believe in openness and accountability. We measure essential performance data during the marketing campaign to evaluate the efficiency of our methods. We send you regular updates and insights on the marketing path of your book. Brooklyn Book Writers is more than a service provider; we are your partners in attaining success with your book promotion. Let's make your book-publishing experience one to remember!

Choosing Effective Book Marketing Services

Customized Marketing Plans:

Book promotion is a unique process that requires a tailored approach. Brooklyn Book Writers is a marketing provider that works closely with authors to determine their target audience, budget, and timetable. We create a tailored marketing plan to increase the reach and impact of their works, ensuring that every author's goals are met.

Proven Track Record:

When choosing a book marketing service, consider their proven success through portfolio reviews and previous clients. Brooklyn Book Writers has a proven track record of helping writers achieve their marketing objectives by developing strong online presences, connecting with target audiеncеs, and creating еxcitеmеnt around their works. We bеliеvе that our results speak for themselves.

Comprehensive Services:

Book marketing involves various activities like social media campaigns and book launch events. Brooklyn Book Writers offers a comprehensive range of services, including e-book social media marketing, SEO, Google Knowledge Graph, and Wikipedia services. We also assist in creating book trailers and optimizing the reach and effect of your book.

Affordable Pricing:

Book promotion might be costly, but it does not have to be. Whеn sеlеcting a book markеting agеncy, sееk onе that provides reasonable cost without sacrificing quality.At Brooklyn Book Writers, we think еvеryonе should havе accеss to high-quality book markеting sеrvicеs regardless of incomе. That is why we provide low prices for all our sеrvicеs, allowing you to obtain the assistance you want without brеaking thе bank. Our low pricеs and high-quality sеrvicеs еnsurе that you rеcеivе thе bеst valuе for your monеy.

Get Our Reliable Book Marketing Services

Do you want your book to be a huge success? Take a look at Brooklyn Book Writers. Our dependable marketing services will lead you to success. We'll boost the visibility of your work, connect with your fans, and make your writing aspirations a reality by combining creativity and strategy. Trust us to lead you on your path to author success.

Our Effective Book Marketing Strategies and Services for Boosting Author Success

Our dedication to author success is shown in our successful book marketing strategies and services at Brooklyn Book Writers. We use a variety of proven methods to increase book awareness, engage readers, and optimize revenue, which ensures that your writing aspirations become a reality.

Our Accomplishment In Book Marketing

As a book marketing service provider, Brooklyn Book Writers has a great track record. Brooklyn Book Writers has a long history of success as a book marketing service provider. Our techniques have increased book sales and income by expanding the reach of books into new markets. We have effectively developed enduring author brands that appeal with readers in addition to revenue data. Our most satisfying achievement, though, is the significant and enduring ties we've established between authors and their readers, assuring a major effect in the literary world.

Decades of Expertise in Successful Book Marketing Services

Brooklyn Book Writers has been at the forefront of offering first-rate book marketing services for authors for many decades. Our extensive history demonstrates our dedication to assisting authors achieve their success. We have a plethora of knowledge and have produced excellent techniques to increase book awareness and engage readers on a continual basis.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality services. Here’s what some of our clients has to say about us.

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Lauren Jose

My experience with Brooklyn Book Writers was quite smooth. They were very cooperative at every step of my eBook writing process.

George Hetcher

I found it very easy to sign up and communicate with their team of writers. They were very quick, efficient, and affordable even with small budget. They haven't failed to deliver excellent content at any point in time.

Eva Grayson

As a writer, it’s one thing to take the time and effort to write a book but quite another to find the energy and determination. Brooklyn Book Writers made this 'Masterpiece' even better than I could have imagined. They are the best!”

Lauren Jose

My experience with Brooklyn Book Writers was quite smooth. They were very cooperative at every step of my eBook writing process.

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When an author ghostwrites a book on behalf of a client, the client's name appears as the author when the book is published, but the actual writer stays unknown.
Yes, the Brooklyn Book Writers will check and edit the finished books.
A professional ghostwriter may write up to 3000 words per day; however, word count varies depending on the difficulty, scope, and quality of the job.
We provide a money-back guarantee as well as a plagiarism-free guarantee. Outside parties are not given access to information regarding the company's operations. We do not seek royalties for your work.
A normal ghostwriting bundle will include a draft and a review. As a ghostwriter service, we are happy to tailor our services to your personality, schedule, and publishing aims.
Our creative designers are experienced in designing book covers based on your specifications and desires.
A full-length book may take 6 to 12 months to complete. However, we can adapt to your requirements.
Yes, but the team handles it and assigns the book to someone who is knowledgeable about the subject.

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